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Colostrum is making waves in human and animal health.

Dr. Raymond Playford's review, Bovine Colostrum: Its Constituents and Uses, lists over 167 studies done on human and animal health. The studies cover athletic performance benefits, NSAIDs stomach damage repair, therapy for human gastrointestinal (GI) health and disease, immune health benefits, and more. The colostrum research center clearinghouse purpose is to educate health professionals and the general public on why bovine colostrum should become a part of everyone's daily diet for better health.

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Bovine colostrum has a multitude of human and animal health benefits. Select below from your category of interest.

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As the Father of Medicine, Hippocrates, wrote, "All disease begins in the gut." Research proves it and bovine colostrum can help.

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Important Note

The goal of the non-profit Colostrum Research Clearinghouse (CRC) is to educate health professionals and the general public about the many health benefits of bovine colostrum as a health supplementation (which the majority of the research focuses on). However, with that being said, the CRC does NOT endorse, recommend, or approve of ANY specific bovine colostrum brand or supplement. We encourage visitors to do their own research and pay attention to the delivery mechanism for absorption. Does the colostrum contain  liposomal delivery. Efficacy by proper dose is also a factor.

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