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If you’re interested in learning more about bovine colostrum and its health benefits, you’ve come to the right place.

Living in today’s world is cause for concern… pesticide and glyphosate-tainted food, the Standard American Diet, contaminated water, air pollution, antibiotic-resistant bacteria and other dangerous pathogens threaten your very existence on a daily basis. Inflammation is everywhere and chronic diseases are on the rise, many of which can be traced to leaky gut. We know that gut health and immune health go hand-in-hand.

Taking powdered bovine colostrum daily helps heal leaky gut and optimize your immune system. Having an efficient immune system and keeping inflammation in-check means you’re less likely to become ill or develop chronic conditions. Bovine colostrum helps you spend more time living life with less pain and disability and with more energy and vitality. We invite you to learn more about life’s first food and nature’s perfect solution to leaky gut. Get the facts and understand the science, so you can begin your journey to heal your leaky gut and regain the health, energy and vigor you deserve.


  1. Holy Cow: The Miracle of Life’s First Food
    by Douglas A. Wyatt ( / Colostrum Research Clearinghouse Founder)

    Holy Cow: The Miracle of Life’s First Food is the ultimate guide to the natural healing power of bovine colostrum. From the moments after birth, a mother’s colostrum provides the jumpstart the newborn’s immune system needs to survive in this new microbe-filled environment. Ever-present immune challenges threaten one’s very existence on a daily basis. To survive and thrive (and age well) depends on a strong and competent immune system. Immune resilience and whole-body homeostasis are important throughout the human life cycle and in this book, author Douglas A. Wyatt champions the use of bovine colostrum use for overall health and vitality.

    This easy-to-understand text explores the historical use of colostrum and milk from Ancient Egypt to the present day, with an emphasis on encouraging new moms to practice early and extended breast feeding. With an exploding crisis of chronic and autoimmune diseases in Western societies, Mr. Wyatt explains colostrum’s role in halting leak gut, preventing the crossover of toxins from the gut to the rest of the body, and curtailing inappropriate inflammatory reactions which over time contribute to disease, debilitation, and premature death. Bovine colostrum has emerged as an efficacious nutritional supplement with wide-ranging applications. Available on Amazon, or org.

  2. Peptide Immunotherapy: Colostrum, A Physician’s Reference Guide
    by Andrew Keech, PhD

    Peptide Immunotherapy: Colostrum, A Physician’s Reference Guide is the seminal publication from colostrum pioneer Dr. Andrew Keech, in which he positions colostrum peptides (proteins) as inherently critical to human immune health. For thousands of years raw colostrum has been consumed to help with all sorts of health challenges. In recent years with the use of modern manufacturing techniques, the benefits of consuming raw colostrum have been preserved in powdered colostrum. In the last decade, more advanced fractionation technologies have allowed the large-scale production of liquid colostrum supplements, hence the revival in the use of colostrum liquids and powders.

    Colostrum peptides, more commonly known as Proline-rich Polypeptides (PRPs) are isolated in liquid colostrum products. Peptide immunotherapy is the scientific classification of how these PRPs modulate, or balance, the human immune system. Constantly balancing and re-teaching the human immune system how to function through passive transfer is the information key to health in all mammals, including humans. So, when the human immune system faces daily health challenges, it is sufficiently equipped and ready to defend the body, right down to the molecular level. Available on Amazon.

  3. Peptide Protocols: Volume 1
    by William Seeds, MD

    This first-in-a-series handbook for physicians introduces the cellular biology behind peptides. Written by William A. Seeds, MD, the foremost authority on why and how to use peptides to delay cellular senescence, reduce inflammation throughout the body and the brain, and ultimately prevent disease and the effects of aging, Peptide Protocolsoffers physicians a foundational understanding of the brain and body through the lens of cellular functioning and how peptides can create better outcomes for all of their patients. Supported by extensive peer review studies, the protocols offered here offer insight and practical knowledge on how to support patients before, during and after treatment. This ground-breaking approach to disease prevention will change lives. Available on Amazon.

  4. Colostrum Life’s first food: The ultimate anti-aging, immune boosting and weight loss supplement
    by Daniel G. Clark

    Studies have shown that chronic inflammation is the real culprit behind many modern illnesses, including allergies, obesity, gut flora imbalances, heart disease, diabetes, asthma, IBS, fibromyalgia, lupus, thyroid disease and premature aging. Mainstream medicine offers medications that treat the symptoms, but the underlying root cause of the problem remains. Furthermore, the side-effects from these medications could aggravate the conditions or bring on a new set of health problems.

    In Colostrum: Life’s First Food, readers discover how to boost the immune system, replenish healthy gut flora and stimulate cellular regeneration… All naturally and without any adverse side-effects. There are over 5,000 medical studies that back up this superfood. Nature’s first food is one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and antimicrobial solutions to preventing and treating disease. This book contains testimonies of real people whose lives were transformed for the better with nature’s true superfood. Available on Amazon.

  5. Bovine Colostrum Nature’s Forgotten Miracle
    by Stephen Blake, DVM

    Forty-four plus years in veterinary medicine has taught Dr. Blake that the great doctor awakens the doctor within the patient. In all his years of being a veterinarian, bovine colostrum has been the most amazing nutritional supplement he’s ever discovered, and he recommends it to all his patients, no matter how many legs they have. Bovine Colostrum Nature’s Forgotten Miracle reveals Dr. Blake’s mission to teach clients to provide their animals with the best care, which includes bovine colostrum. Like the synergy of colostrum, Dr. Blake’s philosophy is one of the “whole being greater than the sum of its parts.” Available on Amazon.